ULTIMATE BENCHREST MATCHES  - Modified, Custom & Unlimited classes. .30 Caliber MAX

Caliber Specific Targets

August 26, 2017 @ 9 am

We expect to schedule an additional match in September.

For complete information and rules on UBR go to www.ultimatebenchrest.com

The Meeker Sportsman Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization located at 1658 Agosta Meeker Rd. N. in Marion Ohio.

Saturday, July 29th - 200 & 400 yards
Shooter's meeting 9:30 am. First relay begins 10:00 am.

must be received seven days prior to match. No refunds considered after pre-registration deadline.
Practice: Available day before the match, Friday, June 16, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
Motels: Check Marion, Ohio for hotels or motels.
Coures of fire: 20 record shots per gun. 10 shots @ 100 yds. & 10 shots at 300 yds.
          Two different types of targets, for score. DToad's Field Mouse @ 100 yds & Prairie Dog at 300. 100 yard target:     
          Improved Field Mice with scoring rings and X-dot. 10-ring approximately 0.20". Nine-ring approximately 0.5". Take one
          shot at each of 10 separate field mice on your target @ 100 yds. for score. Best edge scoring on all targets. All
          distances are approximate. 300 yard target: 10 shots, 5 on each of 2 prairie dog targets posted @ 300 yds.
Relays & Sighters: Two relays firing 10 shots each constitute a match = 20 record shots per class.
          Preparation period is 3 minutes, Sighter period is 3 minutes (unlimited), and Record period is 10 minutes. Only 10
          rounds allowed on the bench for each record period.
No switching rifles between distances; same one must be shot at both 200 & 400.
Match Director: Dennis Tubbs gunworks@turkeyshoot.net (740) 361-1767
Classes & fees: There are three classes, Factory, Custom & Aggregate. $45 for first gun, $15 for second gun. Aggregate   
           is included if both guns registered ($60). Also, Youth Class @ $5/gun, for under age 18.
CROSS FIRES: Watch your target through the end of the relay. To claim a cross fire, you must note it with a range
           officer prior to the end of your relay, for consideration. No additional time allowed to any shooter.
RESTS: Front; benchrest, bag(s), or bipod. No one-piece benchrest. Rear: Bag or block or pod.
CLASSES: Rifles only. No shooter assistance, except with Youth Class shooter (under 18).
FACTORY CLASS: Must be factory production receiver, stock, barrel and chamber. May be any factory chambered caliber 
          30 caliber (.308) or less. Allowed modifications from pure factory are: Trigger may be aftermarket, receiver may be
          bedded, and barrel may be re-crowned. No aftermarket muzzle brakes in the factory class. Any scope and mount is
          acceptable. Guns with flat bottom forearms are not allowed in the Factory class. No altered factory stocks. No stock
          with forearm over 2.3" wide. No forearm stabilizers such as Accuracy Asset..
CUSTOM CLASS: Rifles not qualifying for the Factory Class. Twenty-five pound weight limit (25#), including scope. Must
          be 30 caliber (.308) or less. No rail guns. No "clam shell" muzzle brakes allowed. Rifle must be carried to the line in
          one piece and be capable of being fired from the shoulder.
YOUTH CLASS: Under age 18yrs. $5 per gun. All youth fees will be returned to top youth shooter(s).

Make payment to: Meeker Sportsman Club, Inc
1920 Bumford Rd., Marion, Ohio 43302
Questions/Inquiries: Denny Tubbs (740) 361-1767 email gunworks@turkeyshoot.net

These matches qualify for the Midwest Varmint Match Shooters (MWVMS) Shooter Of The Year. Combine your best 4 match aggregate scores for special recognition. Details & prize yet to be determined. Possibly a free roll in the 2018 MWVMS Regional. Shooter Of The Year matches are held consistenly with MWVMS rules and targets. Distance can vary, but 20 Factory plus 20 shots Custom in one match = an aggregate.
Established Dec. 4, 1946
Marion, OH
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